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Thames Landscape Strategy - Hampton to Kew -


The following are either published directly by the Thames Landscape Strategy or are sold through the Thames Landscape Strategy with the permission of the publisher. For any publication that cannot be downloaded or if you would like to receive multiple copies of a particular publication, please contact us.

Annual Review

Thames Landscape Strategy Annual Review 2009/10 part 1 part 2
Thames Landscape Strategy Annual Review 2008 part 1 part 2 part 3
Thames Landscape Strategy Annual Review 2007 (pdf 2MB)
Thames Landscape Strategy Annual Review 2005/06 (pdf 3.5MB)

Walking Guides

Arcadian Thames Walks (all .pdf / 800KB)
No. 1 Brentford – Richmond via Isleworth and Kew
No. 2 Richmond – Ham House – Richmond via Petersham and Richmond Park
No. 3 Richmond – Twickenham – Richmond via Petersham and Marble Hill
No. 4 Richmond – Twickenham – Teddington – Kingston
Arcadian Thames Walk: Children’s Activity Sheet (leaflet / pdf 60KB)
Arcadian Thames Walk: Activity Sheet Answers (leaflet / pdf 23KB)

Currently only available online
Accessible Thames Walks – a series of ten accesible walks along the Thames in West London. (all in .pdf / 550KB)
Walks 1 and 2: East Molesey and Hurst Park
Walk 3: Kingston
Walk 4: Hampton Court
Walk 5: Ham
Walks 6 and 7: Marble Hill and Richmond
Walk 8: St. Margarets (to follow)
Walk 9: Old Isleworth
Walk 10:Kew

Unfortunately, the Accessible Thames Walks have been so successful that we have run out. The TLS is currently in the process of raising funds to reprint.

As we are in the process of re-printing the walks we would appreciate any feed back on your experiences and any recommendations for changes, additions, or general notes.


Restoration of the Lost Floodplain To work in partnership to re-create, conserve, connect and enhance the natural character of the floodplain in response to climate change for people, wildlife and occasionally water.

Kew Haha Ecological Survey 2008
Woodland Vegetation Survey
Invertebrate Survey
Species List

Thames Landscape Strategy Action Plan 2009

Brentford a Waterway Town

Arcadian Thames Travel Plan Network

Hounslow Tidal Thames Habitat Action Plan

Project Leaflets

Riverside Management and Volunteering
Garden and Historic Landscape Restoration
Education and Outreach
Restoration of the Lost Floodplain

Information Leaflets

Treasures by the Thames 45 must see attractions along the River Thames

Riverside Wildlife An introduction to the main species and habitats found along the River Thames

The Arcadian Thames
Planning and Development Control
Strategy, Partnership & Community
Donations and Key Achievments


Indignation – The Campaign for Conservation (2000)
Mavis Batey, David Lambert, Kim Wilkie; Kit-Cat Books £6.50

Richmond to Putney: A walker’s guide (2005)
David McDowall, published by David McDowall £9.99

Hampton to Richmond: A walker’s guide (2005)
David McDowall, published by David McDowall £9.99

Arcadian Thames: The River Landscape from Hampton to Kew (2000)
M. Batey, H. Buttery, D. Lambert, K. Wilkie; Barn Elms Publishing £9.99

Alexander Pope The Poet and the Landscape (Hardback 1999)
Mavis Batey, Barn Elms Publishing 1999 £25

The Story of the Privy Garden at Hampton Court (1995)
Mavis Batey, Jan Woudstra Barn Elms Publishing £4.50

Arcadia in the City ‘A Hill with a View’ (2002)
Mavis Batey, Thames Landscape Strategy £2.50

Watermark – news from the Thames Landscape Strategy

Watermark 17 December 2005 (pdf / 400Kb)
Watermark 16 September 2004 (pdf / 359Kb)
Watermark 15 December 2003 (pdf / 264Kb)
Watermark 14 April 2003 (pdf / 969Kb)
Watermark 13 Summer 2002 (pdf / 198Kb)

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The Review of Thames Landscape Strategy

Thames Landscape Strategy Review

The Thames Landscape Strategy has been reviewed. Follow the link below for details.

Further information on the Review

View the strategy

Thames Landscape Strategy Document

The Thames Landscape Strategy is a 100-year blueprint for the River Thames between Hampton and Kew. To view the full strategy document follow the link below.

Further information on the vision


Thames Landscape Strategy Annual Review

View the latest Annual Review, a roundup of all the latest developments in the Arcadian Thames