Using the Thames Landscape Strategy:

The Thames Landscape Strategy is set out in a report known as the Thames Landscape Strategy 2012 Review and should be used to inform development control decisions, management plans and projects along the river.  The Thames Landscape Strategy is free to use by anyone – planners, members of the public and statutory agencies.  Click here for a guide on how you can use the TLS.


Weybridge – Hampton – Kew: The TLS Region

The Thames Landscape Strategy focus is  on the river corridor between Weybridge, Hampton and Kew.

Click here to see a map of the TLS region.

The Arcadian Thames: ‘London’s Countryside’

The stretch of the river that the TLS focuses on has been known as the ‘Arcadian Thames’  for over 300 years and is a theme that flows throughout the Thames Landscape Strategy.  Click here to find out what is meant by the Arcadian Thames, why it is important and what is its history.  Find out more.

Watch Sir David Attenborough’s introduction the Thames Landscape Strategy