Rewilding Arcadia A New Project of the Thames Landscape Strategy


The purpose of Rewilding Arcadia is to deliver and explain a series of nature-based flood risk management projects that are designed to restore the lost floodplain to re-connect water, people, heritage and wildlife with the natural cycles of the Thames (in normal times, during floods and drought).

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There are many different ways that you can support the work of the Thames Landscape Strategy.  This could be through making a donation, setting up a standing order, commissioning the expertise of the TLS as a consultant, volunteering or working for us.   Click here to find out how you can help by either volunteering or donating to our charity The Father Thames Trust.


The Arcadian Thames: ‘London’s Countryside’

The stretch of the river that the TLS focuses on has been known as the ‘Arcadian Thames’  for over 300 years and is a theme that flows throughout the Thames Landscape Strategy.  Click here to find out what is meant by the Arcadian Thames, why it is important and what is its history.  Find out more.

Watch Sir David Attenborough’s introduction the Thames Landscape Strategy