Thames Landscape Strategy

The all London Green Grid

All London Green Grid Area Nine The Arcadian Thames

The TLS chairs the ALGG Arcadian Thames partnership.

Download the Arcadian Thames ALLGG Area Framework below:

Area 09 The Arcadian Thames

green grid area 9

The All London Green Grid

Arcadian Thames Strategic Overview

The All London Green Grid (ALGG) is a policy framework to promote the design and delivery of green infrastructure across London.  It has been developed to support London Plan policies on green infrastructure and urban greening, and those relating to open spaces, biodiversity, trees & woodland, and river corridors.  It comprises the All London Green Grid Supplementary Planning Guidance and a series of ALGG Area Frameworks which identify objectives and projects at a sub-regional level.

The ALGG encourages the establishment of a multifunctional network of high quality open spaces connecting town centres, public transport hubs, major employment and residential areas with parks and open spaces, the Thames and the green urban fringe. It also promotes the greening of the urban environment.

Policy 2.18 of the London Plan calls for the protection, promotion, and management of London’s network of green infrastructure. The ALGG aims to:

  • Increase access to open space.
  • Conserve landscapes and the natural environment and increase access to nature.
  • Adapt the city to the impacts of climate change.
  • Make sustainable travel connections and promote cycling and walking.
  • Encourage healthy living.
  • Promote sustainable food growing.
  • Enhance visitor destinations and boots the visitor economy.
  • Promote green skills and sustainable approaches to design, management and maintenance.


Download the All London Green Grid supplementary planning guidance document below:

All London Green Grid_Strategic Planning Guidance March 2012

Taking Forward the ALGG


Dr Vince Cable MP Secretary of State for Business helps deliver one of the ALGG priority projects at Home Park.



ALGG Area Frameworks

The Mayor supports eleven ALGG Area Frameworks have been produced which expand on the implementation points and strategic opportunities set out in the ALGG Supplementary Planning Guidance. These have been produced by All London Green Grid Area Groups. The Thames Landscape Strategy chairs the Green Grid Area Nine partnership to promote cross boundary working and develop a programme of projects and opportunities, set out in Area Frameworks, to enhance and extend the network.

ALGG Area Frameworks expand on the implementation points and strategic opportunities identified in the All London Green Grid Supplementary Planning Guidance. They identify projects that would deliver a multi-functional green infrastructure, and:

  • Establish a comprehensive baseline understanding of each area.
  • Define a vision, area objectives and strategic opportunities for each area.
  • Ensure that sub-regional and strategic relate to Borough level planning, regeneration, transport and open space strategies and initiatives.
  • Sign-post the resources required and form bidding strategies to deliver the funding for strategic projects.
  • Consolidate resources, coordinate efforts and facilitate partnership working.

The eleven ALGG areas covered by these frameworks are:

  • Lee Valley and Finchley Ridge;
  • River Roding and Epping Forest;
  • Thames Chase, Beam, Ingrebourne;
  • River Cray and Southern Marshes;
  • South East London Green Chain Plus;
  • London’s Downlands;
  • Wandle Valley;
  • The Arcadian Thames;
  • River Colne and Crane;
  • Brent Valley and Barnet Plateau;
  • Central London