Thames Landscape Strategy

Our Staff and The TLS Partnership


Co-ordinator: Jason Debney

Project Manager: Rebecca Law

Strategic Project Officer: Laura Nee

Volunteer Secretary (CAG): Pat Speight

Volunteer Events and Special Projects Officer: Nicky Wood


The TLS Partnership

Minutes available upon request 

  •  Executive Review Board

Local Councillors, landowners, businesses and the community are represented on the Group.

Chair- Cllr Julia Neden-Watts

Chair Designate- Cllr Gabriella Giles


  • Officers Steering Committee

Senior Local Authority officers and representatives from the National Agencies.  Officers work in partnership with the Co-ordinator to develop projects and strategic policy.


  • Community Advisory Group

The CAG provides a bottom up, community led approach to environmental management that has underpinned the TLS since inception.

Chair- Paula Day

Vice Chair- Richard Mobbs


  • Father Thames Trust

The Father Thames Trust is the charitable arm of the Strategy and is registered with the Charities Commission. Its purpose is to raise funds and supply grants to support the TLS and its projects.


Community Groups

Since it was established in 1994, the Strategy has forged strong links with community groups within its area.  

The Thames Landscape Strategy also helps local groups look after their stretch of the River by providing tools, advice and time for volunteer workdays by the riverside. Below are some links to organisations we work with along the Thames between Hampton and Kew and beyond:


Habitats and Heritage

Thames Strategy Kew to Chelsea

Thames Explorer Trust

Thames Estuary Partnership

Thames 21

Environment Trust for Richmond upon Thames

River Thames Boat Project

River Thames Visitor Centre

River Thames Society

The Teddington Society

The Kew Society

Kingston upon Thames Society

The Richmond Society

The River Thames Alliance

Canbury and Riverside Association (CARA)

Hurst Park Residents Association

The Marble Hill Society

The Ham and Petersham Association

Ham Amenities Group

Friends of Radnor Gardens

Brentford Community Council

Hounslow Heritage Guild 

Thames Landscape Strategy works using a ‘catchment-based’ approach aims to deliver and raise awareness of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) and what this means for our rivers, estuaries and coastal waters. 


The TLS region is in two different catchments: 

The Tidal Thames

The Lower Thames (Maidenhead to Teddington)


The TE2100 Project 

The Thames Estuary 2100 project (TE2100), led by the Environment Agency, was formed in 2002 to develop a comprehensive action plan to manage flood risk for the Tidal Thames This was the first government action plan to explicitly deal with climate change. 

Download the TE2100 Plan: 

The River Thames Scheme

The floodplain between Datchet and Teddington, is the largest area of undefended floodplain in England.  The River Thames scheme will work to reduce the consequences of a flood event. In the TLS region, it is planned to modify weirs to allow water to move through quicker during flood events and to increase the resilience of properties and landscapes located in the floodplain.