Thames Landscape Strategy

Data Protection Policy

The Thames Landscape Strategy keeps a database of contacts, by those people that have indicated in the past that they would like to be kept informed of our activities. This has been compiled since 1996 and includes contacts received during London’s Arcadia initiative. The contacts on the database are known as ‘The Friends of the Thames’.

The Thames Landscape Strategy holds some basic information about the Friends of the Thames in order to carry out our objectives and provide you with the services you would reasonably expect from a similar organisation.

Importantly we do not share your information with anyone, website including the TLS partners outside of the Thames Landscape Strategy and our associated charity The Father Thames Trust who also will not share your information with anyone but The Thames Landscape Strategy. We also ensure the security of the data that we hold. 

You can download the full  TLS / FTT Data Protection Policy May 2018

If you do not wish for the Thames Landscape Strategy to continue to contact you or you want to review the information held please email If you wish to be added to the mailing list for events you must specifically opt-in by contacting Rebecca informing us of your consent.