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If you value the work that has been carried out by the Thames Landscape Strategy and wish to see the enhancements sustained we need your help! replica rolex datejust Donations can be made to the Father Thames Trust – the charitable arm of the Thames Landscape Strategy using this link: 


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Giving to the Thames Landscape Strategy

Over the past 25 years, the Thames Landscape Strategy has transformed the world-famous Arcadian Thames through its advocacy, education and project work, winning many awards.

There is no statutory remit for any of the main riverside authorities to carry out or fund this type of work. Our success is only possible because of the generosity of our funders.

It costs £325 a day to run the Thames Landscape Strategy before we can raise the funds for any additional projects to take place. Historically the organisation has been funded through the public purse but recent Government cut-backs have seen this source of money reduced significantly.  

For every pound donated to the Thames Landscape Strategy, we have created £5 of environmental, social and economic benefit!

There are a number of easy ways for you, your group or your business to donate to the Thames Landscape Strategy. It could not be easier.

Simply choose which giving programme best suits your desired support and follow the link:


My Arcadia; Make a Donation!

For un-restricted funds to support our advocacy work and the day-to-day running of the Thames Landscape Strategy.  You may make a smaller donation to the Thames Landscape Strategy or become a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond supporter.  Don’t forget to fill in the gift aid information and if you wish, the standing order.

Smaller donations up to £325

Don’t forget – it costs £325 a day to keep the Thames Landscape Strategy going!

Bronze Supporter at £325 to support us for one day

Silver Supporter at £1,625 to support us for one week

Gold Supporter at £3,250 to support us for two weeks

Diamond Supporter at £10,000 to support us for one month


The Thames Landscape Strategy In Action!

Rather than make an unrestricted donation, you may wish to support a specific environmental project or conservation management activity.  Details on how to support these activities are found in this section with a full list of available projects,


Arcadian Thames River Guardians

You, your business or your group may wish to adopt a particular stretch of the river to carry out volunteering activities through this programme.


Arcadian Angels

For major supporters of £25k or more.  Individual giving packages tailored to your needs and requirements can be arranged.


Making a will or an amendment to an existing will is more straightforward and less expensive than you might think (although it is recommended that you use a professional legal advisor such as a solicitor when drawing up your will).  Any legacy that you would kindly wish to leave the Thames Landscape Strategy should be directed through the Father Thames Trust.  If you wish, you may stipulate any particular aspect of our work that you would like to form your legacy.

TLS Legacy Form 

If you would like more information on how to make a legacy please phone/email The Co-ordinator on 07761169343

For further information please contact the Father Thames Trust at 020 8940 0654.

The Father Thames Trust is registered with the England and Wales Charity Commission registration number: 1054655 and works with the Thames Landscape Strategy as its charitable arm. Its charitable aim is to support the work of the TLS and conserve the Arcadian Thames.