Thames Landscape Strategy

Cool Walks Project Announcement

We have secured funding from Active Thames to do a number of ‘Cool Walks’ by the River Thames in Hounslow and Richmond during the warmer summer months. This project aims to increase access to blue-green spaces for people with disabilities in Hounslow and strengthen social networks for those experiencing social isolation. 



Summer 2022 saw soaring temperatures which made it difficult to cool down in the city. Our project will provide shaded nature walks so people can cool off and recharge over the summer/early autumn. These walks will provide exercise, mental well-being and companionship. We will use the walks to reassess the accessibility of certain areas, which will be included in updated leaflets.



Not only will we be increasing the activity of people that have accessibility issues, we will also be using Cool Walks to support our Rewilding Arcadia project, which sets out to increase climate resilience along the Thames to ensure that flood risk doesn’t adversely affect the use of the Thames Path. Each of the walks will have a different focus, such as tree identification, history, climate as well as litter picks. This will provide individuals with invaluable knowledge of the heritage and environment of their local riverside.




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