Our Vision and the TLS Partnership

Our Vision

 The partnership of the Thames Landscape Strategy has a shared vision to ‘Conserve, promote and enhance one of the world’s great river landscapes between Hampton and Kew’
Our Objectives
This is achieved through the Thames Landscape Strategy Partnership objectives:

  • To bring together a partnership of organisations, individuals and community groups that have an interest in the Thames in order to provide strategic guidance for the Thames corridor between Weybridge, Hampton and Kew
  • To implement the policies, projects and management proposals set out in the Thames Landscape Strategy and to develop new initiatives and opportunities within the remit of the Strategy through strategic and local initiatives, the TLS ‘In Action’ schemes and other partner initiatives
  • To protect and enhance the natural and man-made landscape of the area
  • To protect and improve sites of nature conservation value and create new opportunities for biodiversity and flood risk management in the implementation of the Thames Landscape Strategy.
  • To protect and enhance historic buildings, historic parks and gardens, landscapes and ancient monuments.
  • To encourage and maintain a high level of community commitment to the Thames Landscape Strategy vision and encourage community involvement and action to help realise the Thames Landscape Strategy.
  • To facilitate the creation of partnerships between the public, private and voluntary sectors.
  • To raise awareness of the Thames Landscape Strategy, increase educational opportunities and promote understanding of the Thames environment and ways of protecting, conserving and enhancing that environment.
  • To raise awareness of the Arcadian Thames between Hampton and Kew and improve and manage the tourism potential and economic well-being of the area
  • To stimulate, where appropriate, and manage formal and informal recreation associated with the Thames.
  • To secure and raise funding to enable the Thames Landscape Strategy to be implemented.


Landscape Character Assessment in Action

The Thames Landscape Strategy is about people, and the ways they connect with their physical, aesthetic, historic, natural, recreational and spiritual landscape. At the core of the Thames Landscape Strategy is the acknowledgement that landscape assessment is based on more than aesthetic or heritage interest alone. In evaluating what is special about a place, people’s perceptions and patterns of attachment must be recognised.For example: A view sweeping across the landscape may be special but it is the sight of grazing cows that really makes people’s heart sing or, an urban riverside may be historic but it is the traditional boat building activity sprawling across the wharf that makes the place so special.The Thames Landscape Strategy accounts for this specialness – setting outs ways to conserve and enhance this unique landscape for the benefit of all, for the next 100-years.

‘Landscape is not only seen with the eye, it is felt in the heart.’ 


Richmond Bridge Boathouses

Our Patrons

HRH The Duke of Gloucester KG GCVO

Sir David Attenborough

Kim Wilkie

The TLS Partnership

  •  Executive Review Board

Meets four times a year, plus one annual meeting, to provide strategic guidance. Local Councillors, landowners, business and the community are represented on the Group. Chairmanship (and Chair Designate) of the Group rotates annually.  For 2018 Cllr David Cunningham is Chair and Cllr Barry Cheyne is Chair Designate

Minutes of the Executive Review Board 8th March 2018

  • Officers Steering Committee

Meets twice a year to assist and guide the Co-ordinator. It consists of senior Local Authority officers and representatives from the National Agencies. Chairmanship rotates annually between the Councils and Agencies.  Officers work in partnership with the Co-ordinator to develop projects and strategic policy.

  • Thames Landscape Strategy Staff

The Co-ordinator’s role is to find resources, promote projects, co-ordinate and encourage the local authorities, statutory organisations, landowners and the local community to turn the Strategy into action through the TLS Action Plan.  Funding has been secured to part fund a full time Project Development Officer.

Co-ordinator: Jason Debney

Project Development Officer: Rebecca Law

Volunteer Secretary (CAG): Pat Speight

Volunteer Events and Special Projects Officer: Nicky Wood

  • Community Advisory Group

Meeting four times a year, the Group acts as a community forum and enables the Co-ordinator to have access to local and specialist advice. A rolling programme to encourage new membership commenced in 1998.  The CAG provides a bottom up, community led approach to environmental management that has underpinned the TLS since inception.

The Chair is Paula Day.

  • Thames Landscape Strategy Friends of the Thames Group

The TLS has an active friends group made up of the many individuals and groups that have an interest in the Thames.  The Friends meet once a year at the Annual Meeting and are kept up to date on the Strategy’s work through the Annual Review.  Much of the day-to-day work of the Strategy is achieved through the active involvement of the Friends in volunteer action, fundraising and other activities. If you are interested in becoming a friend please contact us

  • Father Thames Trust

The Father Thames Trust is the charitable arm of the Strategy and is registered with the Charities Commission. Its charitable purpose is to raise funds and supply grants to support the TLS and its projects. Chairman of the Trust  is Lord Watson of Richmond.

  • Action Arcadia CIC

Action Arcadia CIC (Community Interest Company) is a business set up by the Community Advisory Group in partnership with the TLS and Father Thames Trust. It has been set up with the objective of applying for contracts and carrying out projects with profits going to the Father Thames Trust. It is managed by a board of directors from the CAG.

  • Volunteers

A team of volunteers has been established covering the areas of foreshore and Thames Path tidy groups, conservation practical work, project management, events organising, nature conservation and fundraising.

Over 350,000 volunteer hours have been clocked up over the past 16 years

  • Other Organisations and the Wider Community

In addition to the funding partners, there are over 180 community groups, statutory and 50 Non Governmental Organisations (NGO’s) which operate in the Thames Landscape Strategy area that the TLS works closely with.

  • South West London Environment Network

 South West London Environment Network (SWLEN)

The Thames Landscape Strategy is the founding partner in the South West London Environment Network. The Network brings together the community, voluntary organisations (including charities) and schools working on environmental projects within South West London, promoting information about them and their activities, whilst also providing a support and development role. In addition SWLEN also has its own projects and sub-groups to increase environmental activity, biological diversity and sustainable thinking & practice. The Network’s role is similar to a council for voluntary service but working only within the environmental sector.

Community Groups

The Thames Landscape Strategy works across a wide geographical area with a wide range of partners.  Since it was established in 1994, the Strategy has forged strong links with community groups within its area.  Liason with community groups is vital to the Strategy’s success, and enables the Strategy to facilitate a dialogue between the community and statutory institutions such as local councils and the Environment Agency, to ensure that local voices are heard in any proposals that impact on the river.

The Thames Landscape Strategy also helps local groups look after their stretch of the River by providing tools, advice and time for volunteer work days by the riverside.

Below are some links to organisations we work with along the Thames between Hampton and Kew and beyond.

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