The Thames Landscape Strategy is a sub-regional partnership for the River Thames between Hampton and Kew in West London. It brings together a partnership of organisations, individuals and local groups to provide strategic guidance for the Thames corridor. The partnership acts as a catalyst to implement project work on the ground, and as a day to day link between the authorities, the local communities and the vision of the Strategy.The Thames Landscape Strategy vision is to‘Conserve, promote and enhance for the future,
one of the world’s great river landscapes between Hampton and Kew’

This is achieved through the Thames Landscape Strategy Partnership objectives:

  • To bring together a partnership of organisations, individuals and community groups that have an interest in the Thames in order to provide strategic guidance for the Thames corridor between Hampton and Kew
  • To implement the policies, projects and management proposals set out in the Thames Landscape Strategy and to develop new initiatives and opportunities within the remit of the Strategy through strategic and local initiatives, the TLS ‘In Action’ schemes and other partner initiatives
  • To protect and enhance the natural and man-made landscape of the area
  • To protect and improve sites of nature conservation value and create new opportunities for biodiversity and flood risk management in the implementation of the Thames Landscape Strategy.
  • To protect and enhance historic buildings, historic parks and gardens, landscapes and ancient monuments.
  • To encourage and maintain a high level of community commitment to the Thames Landscape Strategy vision and encourage community involvement and action to help realise the Thames Landscape Strategy.
  • To facilitate the creation of partnerships between the public, private and voluntary sectors.
  • To raise awareness of the Thames Landscape Strategy, increase educational opportunities and promote understanding of the Thames environment and ways of protecting, conserving and enhancing that environment.
  • To raise awareness of the Arcadian Thames between Hampton and Kew and improve and manage the tourism potential and economic well-being of the area
  • To stimulate, where appropriate, and manage formal and informal recreation associated with the Thames.
  • To secure and raise funding to enable the Thames Landscape Strategy to be implemented.

Landscape Character Assessment in Action

The Thames Landscape Strategy is about people, and the ways they connect with their physical, aesthetic, historic, natural, recreational and spiritual landscape. At the core of the Thames Landscape Strategy is the acknowledgement that landscape assessment is based on more than aesthetic or heritage interest alone. In evaluating what is special about a place, people’s perceptions and patterns of attachment must be recognised.

The Thames Landscape Strategy provides a unique opportunity to conserve and enhance this unique landscape for the benefit of all for the next 100-years.

‘Landscape is not only seen with the eye, it is felt in the heart.’