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Thames Landscape Strategy - Hampton to Kew -

What we do

We work in partnership with our funding partners and the local community to implement the projects and management proposals set out in the Thames Landscape Strategy document which inform our annual work action plan The work of the strategy can be broadly grouped into four distinct areas of work as outlined below.

Thames Landscape Strategy in Action

The Thames Landscape Strategy develops projects that directly deliver projects and management proposals indentified in the Strategy document. Issues addressed in these projects range from accessibililty, education and outreach to nature conservation, heritage interpretation, safety, and increasing use of the river for recreation and learning.

Volunteer Action and Riverside Management:

The Thames Landscape Strategy works with partners and local communities to deliver cleaner, safer, more accessible and ecologically richer riverside open spaces, by organising and facilitating volunteer days, and by advising councils on towpath management practices.
The Thames Landscape Strategy also carries out survey work along the river. For example, every November the half lock in Richmond is opened letting the river become almost empty during a low tide. This is called the draw-off. The Thames Landscape Strategy works in a partnership with the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) and Marine Conservation Society to research the invasive and threatened native species in the River Thames. For more information visit the ZSL website The draw-off is also a chance to get down in the riverbed with volunteers to clean up the rubbish that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Policy and Strategy:

The Thames Landscape Strategy works with local and regional partners to ensure that the needs of this stretch of the Thames are considered within the planning and development processes. This ranges from responding to planning applications that directly affect the river, to feeding into the local development framework processes of partner boroughs, to working with other sub-regional strategies further down the Thames such as Thames Strategy Kew to Chelsea and Thames Estuary Partnership.

Education and Outreach:

The TLS Education and Outreach Programme continues develop exciting new initiatives and in 2006 the London’s Arcadia project launched a formal schools programme in partnership with Orleans House Gallery to deliver a range of educational activities targeted at primary and secondary school pupils, families (especially those living in deprived wards across the TLS area), young parents, children and young people who are looked after and adults living in emergency accommodation.

Annual Reviews and Watermark

Thames Landscape Strategy Annual Review for 2008 part 1 part 2 part 3
Thames Landscape Strategy Annual Review for 2007 (pdf 2MB)
Thames Landscape Strategy Annual Review 2005/06 (pdf 3.5MB)

Watermark – news from the Thames Landscape Strategy

Watermark 17 December 2005 (pdf / 400Kb)
Watermark 16 September 2004 (pdf / 359Kb)
Watermark 15 December 2003 (pdf / 264Kb)
Watermark 14 April 2003 (pdf / 969Kb)
Watermark 13 Summer 2002 (pdf / 198Kb)

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The Review of Thames Landscape Strategy

Thames Landscape Strategy Review

The Thames Landscape Strategy has been reviewed. Follow the link below for details.

Further information on the Review

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Thames Landscape Strategy Document

The Thames Landscape Strategy is a 100-year blueprint for the River Thames between Hampton and Kew. To view the full strategy document follow the link below.

Further information on the vision


Thames Landscape Strategy Annual Review

View the latest Annual Review, a roundup of all the latest developments in the Arcadian Thames