Travel Planning

Landscape Connections

In 1996, the TLS co-ordinated a project called Thames Connections – a potential Millennium Bid project designed to forge greater inter connectivity between different  sites situated along the Thames.  Although this funding bid was ultimately unsuccessful, enhancing the ways that different sites are linked has been a keen goal of the TLS.  This includes both physical and intellectual connections and importantly fosters an appreciation of the places in between the main honey pot locations.  The TLS has also been actively involved in proposing and improving all manner of leisure activity in the Thames corridor.


A TLS Travel plan Network was established in 2008 to bring together those organisations that own or manage the attractions and open spaces along the River Thames in order to plan how sustainable visitor travel planning options and other visitor related enhancements can be achieved through joint measures. In 2010 an Arcadian Thames Destination Travel Plan was published that identified the ways that visitors find out about any given place, plan their trip, arrive, and subsequently move about and understand the area.  The ways that enhancements to both off-site activities (such as visitor guides, websites and joint ticketing) as well as physical improvements to infrastructure on the ground (such as accessible new footpaths, signage, cycling facilities, dry routes or river crossings) are set out.

hammertons ferry busy


  • Joint marketing and tourism initiatives
  • The promotion of the Arcadian Thames as a term to describe the river corridor between Hampton and Kew
  • Publication of a Waterspace and Visitor Action Plan
  • Promotion of recreational use of the Thames corridor
  • Promotion of the river corridor as a way to improve healthy living
  • Promotion of identified clusters of activity – gateways
  • Understanding the journey through the landscape
  • Improving legibility and access to pedestrians and where appropriate cyclists
  • Improving the interconnected network of footpaths, rivers crossings and cycle routes
  • Assistance with events such as the Great River Race and other water related festivals.
  • Improvements to interpretation and signage
  • Forging greater links with Kingston university



Waterspace Action Plan Leaflet