TLS Action Plan 2017-20

Thames Landscape Strategy in Action

The Thames Landscape Strategy has completed many exciting initiatives and projects, totalling a staggering £20million.

In addition to our own project work we work with our funding partners and community groups to ensure that the goals of the TLS are weaved into their project work.

The TLS works to a three year Action Plan. The current Action Plan 2017-20 outlines the structure of the TLS and gives the steer to the TLS staff and partners for project progress over three years.

The Action Plan 2017-20 is broken down into structure, funding, day-to-day responsibilities of TLS staff, strategic projects and local projects listed reach by reach. The full Action Plan is downloadable below.



Key Achievements

Since the launch of the Strategy in 1994, over 1,000 individual projects and management practices have been completed fully, or in part, or are in operation. These have been carried out by or with the Thames Landscape Strategy partners, private landowners, local businesses, community and voluntary groups and enthusiastic individuals.  A selection is shown below.

  • 2017 Launch of the 2017-20 TLS Action Plan.
  • 2017 Launch of “In Search of Arcadia” BBC television programme featuring the TLS.
  • 2017 Participation in “The Last Herd” photographic exhibition.
  • 2016 Formation of the Action Arcadia CIC.
  • 2016 Tesco Bags of Help Projects in Ham and Hurst Park.
  • 2016 Launch of the Wey to the Thames project.
  • 2015 Installation of the Richmond Hill Telescope (20th birthday project).
  • 2015 Completion of Phase Three of the Restoration of Home Park Water Meadows.
  • 2015 Launch of the Shires on the Avenues Project.
  • 2014 Canbury Gardens Sopworth Aeroplane Project (20th birthday project)
  • 2014 TLS 20th Birthday.
  • 2014 TLS joins Your Tidal Thames WFD scheme.
  • 2014 The Arcadian Thames – a celebration event at Hampton Court Palace.
  • 2014 Launch of the Arcadian Thames Camera Obscura scheme.
  • 2014 Completion of Phase Two Restoration of the Home Park Water Meadows.
  • 2014 Study commissioned to investigate a new link between Syon and Brentford and the possibility to re-open the Brentford Ferry
  • 2013 Completion of Phase One Restoration of the Home Park Water Meadows.
  • 2013 Launch of the 2013-16 TLS Action Plan
  • 2013 Restoration of Hampton Court Reed bed to filter water at junction of Longford River before it enters the Thames.
  • 2012 Wild London – HM The Queen.
  • 2011 200,000 volunteer hour milestone passed.
  • 2011 Start of restoration of Home Park Water Meadows.
  • 2011 3 months volunteering with Swingbridge Community Narrow boat.
  • 2011 Completion of the London’s Arcadia project.
  • 2011 Launch of the Kingston Integrated Moorings Business Plan.
  • 2010 Restoration of Warren Footpath.
  • 2010 £0.5million to replace the lights along the Warren Footpath – the most bat friendly lighting scheme in the UK.
  • 2010 Restoration of Petersham Avenue completed.
  • 2009 TLS launches Hounslow Tidal Thames HAP.
  • 2009 Launch of the TLS Arcadian Thames Travel Plan Network.
  • 2009 Purchase of the rights to operate Isleworth Ferry.
  • 2009 Partnership with Surrey Care Trust Swingbridge II cleans and opens up Hurst Park.
  • 2009 Conservation works to Ham Lands.
  • 2009 Hammerton’s Boardwalk and Hunter’s Pond restored.
  • 2009 ‘Brentford: a Waterway Town’ launched.
  • 2008 ‘Kew Vision’ launched.
  • 2008 Great South Avenue restored.
  • 2008 Half Mile Tree landscaping completed.
  • 2008 ‘Restoration of Lost Floodplain’ project launched.
  • 2007 TLS joined London Biodiversity Partnership.
  • 2007 Completion of restoration of Richmond Riverside, St Helena Terrace, and Cholmondeley Walk.
  • 2007 Establishment of the Hampton Court Approaches Steering Group, bringing partners from Surrey, Elmbridge, Richmond, the Royal Parks, Historic Royal Palaces and English Heritage together in a project aimed at improving the approach routes to and wider setting of Hampton Court Palace.
  • 2007 Thames Landscape Strategy invited to represent the three London river strategies on the Water Framework Directive Liaison Panel for the Thames Region.
  • 2007 Thames Landscape Strategy signs memorandum of agreement with London Biodiversity Partnership.
  • 2006 Completion of Year 1 works on London’s Arcadia, including improvements to the Terrace on Richmond Hill, Bridge House Gardens and Richmond Riverside.
  • 2006 Memorandum of Agreement signed by partners, committing them to 3 years of helping fund and steer the Thames Landscape Strategy.
  • 2006 Surrey County Council and the Crown Estate become partners of the Thames Landscape Strategy.
  • 2005 Launch of the Putting the Thames back into Kingston scheme, working in partnership with the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames to strengthen links between the town centre and the riverside.
  • 2005 Launch of Kraft Picnic Walk leaflet, one of a series of waterway walks being developed along the Arcadian Thames.
  • 2005 Consultation of Hurst Park and Molesey Riverside residents on the potential development of a conservation management plan for that stretch of the Thames.
  • 2005 Launch of Environment Agency-led Floodscape project, of which the Thames Landscape Strategy is a partner. Floodscape aims to develop new approaches to long-term flood risk management.
  • 2004 The Thames Landscape Strategy Ten Year Review.
  • 2004 Launch of the Hampton Court Palace Views Management Plan.
  • 2004 Reopening of the lost Orleans House Octagon vista linking Gibbs’ masterpiece with the River.
  • 2004 Establishment of the ‘Brentford Riverside’ project to initiate a renaissance of Brentford’s waterside.
  • 2004 Launch of the Hurst Park and Molesey Riverside Action Plan.
  • 2003 Launch of the ‘Teddington Gateway’ project in partnership with the Environment Agency to regenerate Teddington Lock and to reverse the decline in river use through the Waterspace Strategy.
  • 2002-2004 Establishment of groundbreaking new day-to-day riverside management regimes leading to an 80% reduction in waterborne litter being deposited along the towpath.
  • 2003 Successful confirmation of the £3.3million ‘Thames Landscape Strategy London’s Arcadia’ Heritage Lottery Fund Bid to a Stage I stage.
  • 2002 Reopening of the lost Marble Hill House vista.
  • 2002 Launch of the successful £2.5million ‘Londons’ Arcadia’ Heritage Lottery Fund scheme for landscape, biodiversity, access and recreation improvements between Teddington and the Old Deer Park.
  • 2001 Launch of ‘Arcadia in the City’ to celebrate the Centenary of the Act of Parliament that protects the view from Richmond Hill.
  • 2001 Publication of the groundbreaking ‘Accessible Thames Walking Guide’ to encourage people of all physical abilities to use the riverside walks.
  • 2000 Launch of the first school education pack: ‘Schools on the River’ in partnership with the River Thames Boat Project.
  • 1999 Landscaping and sensitive bankside treatment to create areas of interest for wildlife at Albany Reach, Thames Ditton.
  • 1999 Landscape improvements to the riverside walk between Kingston Bridge and the Hogsmill River.
  • 1999 Publication of the Thames Landscape Strategy ‘Cycling the Thames’ Guide.
  • 1998 Improvements to Isleworth Promenade and footpath and access improvements to Brentford Riverside and tree planting at Waterman’s Park.
  • 1998 Restoration of the setting of the 18th Century Garrick’s Temple dedicated to Shakespeare at Hampton.
  • 1998 Publication of the Thames Landscape Strategy Island Management Plans.
  • 1998 Landscaping to Grand Union Canal in partnership with British Waterways and Brentford Regeneration Partnership.
  • 1997 Publication of a ‘Riverside Wildlife Gardening’ leaflet to promote simple measures that can encourage wildlife along the riverbank.
  • On-going Riverside clean-up groups including litter picking, Himalayan Balsam bashing and landscaping along the river.
  • 1997 Re-opening of lost ‘Capability Brown’ vistas at Syon Park and re-instatement of historic elements of Old Deer Park including the Kew Meridian.
  • 1997 Landscape improvements and new signage at Riverbank, East Molesey.
  • 1995 Improvements and landscaping to King Henry VIII’s Mound, Richmond Park including installation of an arbour, interpretation panel and replacement of avenue trees to frame the view.