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The Arcadian Thames is a special place. The Thames landscape does not look after itself however. Just 25 years ago much of the Arcadian Thames was under threat from inappropriate development, parks were derelict and there was no voice to champion the river. It was in this climate that the Thames Landscape Strategy Partnership was born; for quarter of a century steering a real renaissance in the fortunes of the Arcadian Thames. Derelict parks were restored, new footpaths were opened up, declining wildlife sites have been turned around, recreation and access for all has improved considerably. Through our advocacy work (much of it behind the scenes), so many more local people, planners and policy makers now value the landscape in a way that was not thought possible 25 years ago,

As we move forward though, there are new threats to the Arcadian Thames as funding cuts (for landscape restoration and management) and development pressures increase. The need for the Thames Landscape Strategy partnership has never been greater.

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Arcadian Angels provides a unique opportunity to help secure the future of the river landscape by supporting the work of the Thames Landscape Strategy as a major donor of £25,000. Without this funding, the TLS partnership may not survive to fight for the river and preserve the Arcadian Thames landscape.

Arcadian Angels

The Arcadian Thames may be one of the most iconic river landscapes in the world but as we move forward the pressure for development and change along the river is accelerating. The peace and tranquillity of the Arcadian Thames is under threat. Never before has the need for the Thames Landscape Strategy partnership been more urgent but new ways have to found to fund the multi-award winning organisation. As guardians of the Arcadian Thames, the Thames Landscape Strategy needs to continue its mission in bringing the potentially conflicting riparian owners, authorities and communities together to agree and deliver a better future for the riverside.

Arcadian Angels provides a unique funding opportunity to ensure a sustainable future for the Arcadian Thames by providing for the Thames Landscape Strategy. Historically the Thames Landscape Strategy has been funded through the public purse but recent Government cut backs have seen this source of money reduced significantly. If the organisation is to survive and continue its conservation and advocacy work new sources of income have to be found.   Four packages of major giving starting at £25K are available to local people, businesses or corporate donors. There is no set mechanism for how your sponsorship could work – we would be happy to discuss your preferences and options with you. 100% of your donation to the Father Thames Trust will be given to the Thames Landscape Strategy to help keep our valuable conservation and advocacy work going.   When you make a major gift  to the TLS we will:

  • allocate a personal point of contact within the TLS who will work with you to identify a specific area of our work where your donation will have the most value;
  • provide access to staff and senior leaders across our partnership as appropriate;
  • regularly update you on the work you support as well as our wider impact, relevant to your interests;
  • agree recognition with you, such as VIP invites to our annual reception, mention your support in the press, thanking you in our Annual Report, naming opportunities or remaining anonymous
  • offer bespoke opportunities to experience our work and see first-hand how your gift is making a difference to local people, businesses and visitors alike;
  • Continue to turn every £1 donated into £5

For more information please contact Jason Debney 07761169343

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Arcadian Angels