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Thames Landscape Strategy Holly Lodge Richmond Park Richmond TW10 5HS Tel: +44  (0)20 8940 0654 Fax: +44 (0)20 8332 2730 Strategy Co-ordinator   Jason Debney phone: 07761169343 General enquiries e-mail: The Thames Landscape Strategy was written by Kim Wilkie 

Data Protection and Privacy Policy

The Thames Landscape Strategy keeps a data base of contacts, by those people that have indicated in the past that they would like to be kept informed of our activities. This has been compiled since 1996 and includes contacts received during the London’s Arcadia initiative. The contacts on the database are known as ‘The Friends of the Thames’.
The Thames Landscape Strategy works with the charity The Father Thames Trust whose charitable aim is to support the Thames Landscape Strategy.
The Thames Landscape Strategy holds some basic information about the Friends of the Thames in order to carry out our objectives and provide you with the services you would reasonably expect from a similar organisation. Mainly this is your name, address, email and (if given) telephone number so that we can keep you informed of what is happening. We believe this is what the new legislation refers to as a ‘legitimate interest’ and is essential in order for us to carry on the work that we do. Importantly we do not share your information with anyone, including the TLS partners outside of the Thames Landscape Strategy and our associated charity The Father Thames Trust who also will not share your information with anyone but The Thames Landscape Strategy. We also ensure the security of the data that we hold. Any financial information including bank details that is provided (for example if you have set up a standing order or donated to the TLS) is held only by the Father Thames Trust. You can download the The Father Thames Trust Data Protection Policy May 2018

If you do not wish for the Thames Landscape Strategy to continue to contact you or you want to review the information held please email If you wish to be added to the mailing list for events you must specifically opt-in by contacting Rebecca informing us of your consent.

How you can help

The Thames Landscape Strategy Hampton to Kew is a not for profit organisation and relies on the generosity of its partners and many individual supporters.  There are many ways for you, your business or organisation to get involved with the work of the Thames Landscape Strategy. This could be through a cash or in kind donation, the offer of volunteer support, secondment of staff or even helping us at the many events we attend every year. There are so many different ways that you can get involved in helping to conserve the river corridor between Weybridge, Hampton and Kew ranging from volunteering, making a donation or working in the busy TLS office.   The Thames Landscape Strategy is the main provider of practical conservation work along the Thames in our region clocking up a staggering 250,000 volunteer hours in just over ten years.  This work relies on the generous contributions of our supporters.  See below to find out how you can help by either volunteering or donating to our charity The Father Thames Trust. FTT Logo

Make a Donation

TLS DONATE NOW! Our work is only possible because of the generosity of our funders and through the unique way that the Strategy is funded.  As well as supporting the day-to-day running of the small but dynamic organisation, private and business contributions are used as match funding to partner monies and to unlock larger funding pots from grant giving trusts.  In this way even small contributions can go a long way.  Without these funds it is unlikely that few of the improvements along the river we enjoy today would be possible.  There is no statutory remit for any of the main riparian owners to carry out this type of work. The funding partners provide just over half the funds needed to run the small, dynamic office through their contributions.  We need to raise the remainder each year just to keep us going. You can help us by making a donation and don’t forget, if you are a UK tax payer, we can turn your £10 donation into £12.50, with Gift Aid, adding even more value to your donation at no extra cost to you. There are many ways for you to donate to the Thames Landscape Strategy through our preferred charity: The Father Trust. The Father Thames Trust has set up a Just Giving account to raise funds for the TLS.

TEXT: The easiest way to donate to the Father Thames Trust  is by using your mobile phone. Text TTLS01 and the amont you wish to donate (£1, £2, £3, £4, £5, £10) e.g. TTLS01 £10 to phone number 70070. Your donation will be added to your phone bill. Texts to 70070 are free on UK mobile networks so 100% of your donation is received by the charity. Visit Just Giving for details and terms. ONLINE: If you would like to make a donation to us online, please visit our page at Just Giving Click the link to the left of the JustGiving page where it says  ‘Make a donation’. You will have the option of making either a single or monthly donation, a regular donation enables us to better plan for our future work.

BY POST:  To make a donation by cheque, please print out the donations form and return with the completed gift aid form with your donation to The Father Thames Trust at: The Father Thames Trust, c/o Holly Lodge, Richmond Park, TW10 5HS For further information please contact the Father Thames Trust at 020 8940 0654 The Father Thames Trust is registered with the England and Wales Charity Commission registration number: 1054655 and works with the Thames Landscape Strategy as its charitable arm. Its charitable aim is to support the work of the TLS and conserve the Arcadian Thames.

If you would like to make a donation click here for details or phone/email The Co0ordinator on 07761169343

TLS Donations Form

LEGACIES:  Legacies can play an important part in helping the Thames Landscape Strategy’s work to conserve and enhance the Arcadian Thames. Making a will or an amendment to an existing will is more straight forward and less expensive than you might think (although it is recommended that you use a professional legal advisor such as a solicitor when drawing up your will).  Any legacy that you would kindly wish to leave the Thames Landscape Strategy should be directed through the Father Thames Trust.  If you wish, you may stipulate any particular aspect of our work that you would like to form your legacy.

TLS Legacy Form 

You will need to provide the Father Thames Trust’s full details: The Father Thames Trust, c/o Holly Lodge Richmond Park, Richmond TW10 5HS The Father Thames Trust is registered with the England and Wales Charity Commission registration number: 1054655 and works with the Thames Landscape Strategy as its charitable arm If after reading these you have any further questions about legacies please phone Jason Debney, TLS Co-ordinator on 020 8940 0654 or 07761169343

If you value the work that has been carried out by the Thames Landscape Strategy and wish to see the enhancements sustained we need your help.  Donations can be made to the Father Thames Trust – the charitable arm of the Thames Landscape Strategy.

Please fill out and return this Gift Aid form