Posts made in June, 2017

Shires on the Avenues and The Last Herd

The TLS Shires on the Avenues project is now in its third year  of management on the Ham Avenues. At the end of May/beginning of June – Operation Centaur (Shire Horses team housed at Richmond Park and Hampton Court) work with the TLS to carry out a hay cut on the Avenues. Helped by corporate volunteers arranged in partnership with the National Trust the work provides a sensitive management of the grasses along the historic 17th Century landscape around Ham House. The volunteers cut areas unreachable by mowers and the horses walk up and down the avenues pulling traditional cutting tools that trim the grass twice a year (once in the early summer and once again at the end of summer (Sept/October). The horses are more sensitive the ground than modern machines and are much more in keeping with the traditional aesthetics of the landscape – managing it in a way that would be similar to how areas of this period would of been managed for hundreds of years – with horse and man power. A beautiful photographic exhibition and accompanying book (forward by HRH Prince Charles) has been produced by Paul Stewart following a year in the life of the Shire team “The Last Herd”. It includes projects carried out with the TLS as well as other environmental and education programmes run by Operation Centaur. Information about the book and how to order prints can be found at 20% of profits from the sales go back to Operation Centaur to help them to keep this rare breed alive and working. It is still an aspiration of the TLS and Operation Centaur that more parts of the TLS area can be managed in this way with small projects taking place in Elmbridge and along the riverbank. Funding and sponsorship is continuously being sought for this work, please contact the Becky if you have any suggestions or would like to make a donation to the ongoing partnership between the TLS and Operation Centaur....

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TLS marks the life of Pocahontas on the 400th anniversary of her death

The Thames Landscape Strategy had great pleasure co-ordinating the Pocahontas at Syon: From the James to the Thames events between 16th and 21st March.  The TLS events culminated with a dedication to Pocahontas at Syon House on 20th March attended by HRH The Duke of Gloucester with Chief Emeritus Ken Adams ,Chief Steve Adkins, and Chief Anne Richardson will be representing the Virginian Powhatan tribes.     Matoaka, daughter of Chief Powhatan and more commonly known as Pocahontas was born and raised along the banks of the James River near Richmond Virginia but died in March 1617 on a boat on the Thames at the start of a planned voyage back to Virginia following a trip to England with her family.   She was buried next to the river at St. George’s Church Gravesend. During her stay in England, Pocahontas lived in a villa in the grounds of Syon House, next to the Thames in Isleworth. A series of events to mark the 400th anniversary of Pocahontas’ death were organised by those organisations and places that had a connection with the life of the Princess and are collectively known as ‘Pocahontas 400’. On Sunday 19th March, the TLS joined forces with Kieron Knowles to stage the premier of a new play Gravesend The Story of Pocahontas at the Kew Bridge Steam Museum.  The play received a standing ovation! The Thames Landscape Strategy in partnership with the London Borough of Hounslow and Syon House organised a series of educational activities as the anniversary approached and the main event at Syon House, using the twin-rivers of the Thames and the James as a theme to unite different communities and to mark Pocahontas’ six-month stay at Syon.   A delegation representing Virginia Heritage, the State of Virginia, Scenic Virginia, The James River Park and the Powhatan tribes attended the events. At Syon House a plaque was dedicated to the young princess marking her short stay at Syon. Pocahontas at Syon: From the James to the Thames is supported by The London Borough of Hounslow, Syon Estates and The Petersham Hotel. James River Park System Pocahontas at Syon The Life of...

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