Posts made in July, 2013

Chaiman’s Tour: Day three – Teddington to Thames Ditton via Hampton Court

No more purple prose about the weather, now rather dull and humid. Teddington is very down to earth compared to the exotic, foreign air of Richmond in the bright light and searing heat a few days ago. The 281bus took me from the station to meet the others at Floating Cloud café, still missing Meg, my poor old dog. She is still limping, but eating well and cold nose. It is a proud moment to be meeting where so many little boats gathered in 1940 for Dunkirk. The footbridge is familiar from the movie. I wonder what they felt, setting off across the Channel to the rescue. Apprehensive might be...

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Chairman’s Tour Day two – Richmond to Teddington

If anything, the weather was even more glorious that the first day.  Richmond had an exotic, foreign air in the bright light and searing heat as I walked from the station to meet companions at the Tide Tables café. How I regret saying on that first day that the pace would suit Meg, my poor old dog. The day almost finished her off, she has been limping ever since and the vet says no more long walks for a while, perhaps never. For a dog-owner without a dog, any walk is rather unsatisfactory. At least this time, with plenty to look at and talk about I would notice her absence less. Tide Tables...

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Chairman’s Tour Day one – Kew Bridge to Richmond

It was such a beautiful day, I felt churlish to be wondering if it was actually going to be too hot. The change of the route to end at Richmond on the first day instead of pressing on to Teddington Lock, caused me no distress whatever. You may think that it is an easy stroll, but doing it “site-visit” pace, slowly and stopping to look at things and make notes is actually more tiring than striding out at a good pace. At least the pace would suit my elderly dog. As I waited for the others in the car-park by the Brentford Gate at Kew Gardens, I was slightly unnerved to see visitors to the...

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